12 Genius Mascara Hacks

Here are some simple tricks to help make mascara application easier and last longer.

  1. Bend the mascara wand so that it is easier to maneuver: After removing the wand from the tube, bend the wand tip so that it is at a 90 degree angle to the wand.  This will make it easier to get to the hard to reach lashes at the ends and the tiny ones.
  2. Wiggle your wand:  Mascara can weigh down on your lashes.  To prevent this, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and then apply by moving the wand up to your tips.  This method will put more coats at the base and less at the tips making your lashes lighter.
  3. Double coats: Want thicker lashes?  This trick will create volume.  Apply mascara to both sides of your lashes.
  4. Layer waterproof mascara:  Waterproof mascara can be great for occasions such as weddings or the beach.  However, we all know it is a pain to remove.  To solve this, apply regular mascara as the first layer and top it off with waterproof mascara for the second layer.  And there you have it, waterproof mascara that will still be easy to remove.
  5. Vertical application:  To get a natural look, hold the mascara wand and apply it vertically.
  6. Horizontal application:  To get a more dramatic thicker look, hold the mascara wand and apply it with the brush horizontal.
  7. Use a spoon:  Bottom lashes can be difficult to reach. To prevent smudging, hold a spoon underneath the bottom lashes so that the mascara will not get onto your skin.
  8. Use a cotton swab: Made a mistake?  No problem.  You can use a cotton swab and with a spinning motion, erase your mistakes.
  9. Prevent clumps by using hot water:  Run your closed mascara tube under hot water in your sink to prevent clumps.
  10. Revitalize dry mascara: Are you at the bottom of a mascara tube and experiencing dry clumps? Add contact lenses solution to the mascara to bring it back to life.  (IMPORTANT: Do not use mascara older than 6 months)
  11. Use lavender oil:  Adding 1 single drop of lavender essential oil to your mascara can kill bacteria and mites, strengthen your lashes, and make your lashes thicker.


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