15 Lipstick Mistakes You Could Be Making

Lipstick is undeniably a great way to add a pop of color to your face.  Light colors, dark colors, matte, shiny, the possibilities are endless.  However, there are also mistakes that you could be making.

  1. Wearing the wrong color: It is important to know your skin tone and find a lipstick shade that complements you.  The perfect shade can make you look more alive and bright.  The wrong shade can bring out the worst undertone colors in you and cause you to look pale or sickly.
  2. Not putting on primer first:  Just as you would apply primer beneath your makeup, it is vital to prime your lips to provide a smooth foundation for your lipstick for the color to hold.  Additionally, primer helps hydrate your lips and prevents chapped lips.
  3. Choosing the incorrect formula for your skin:  This is a very common mistake.  Before choosing a lipstick, first determine your skin type.  If you are prone to dry skin, stick to the glossy lipsticks and avoid matte.  Conversely, if you have oily skin, try a matte lipstick.
  4. Not wearing lipliner:  If you are going to use lipstick, you should consider using lipliner.  They go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Lip liner creates high definition and will allow you to shape your lips according to how you like.
  5. Wearing too much lipliner:  Although it is important to wear lip liner, you should alway remember that a little goes a long way.  Do not overdo it with the lipliner.  Use a gentle grasp and do not over line your lips outside your natural lip shape too much in order to prevent an embarrassing mistake of fake looking lips.
  6. The lipliner is too dark: The lipliner that you select should complement or closely match your lipstick color to create a consistent color appearance.  Also, do not use a darker liner around your lips filled in with a lighter shade of lipstick. This may cause your lips to look drawn on like a cartoon which is probably not the look you are going for.
  7. Failing to exfoliate:  Prior to applying lipstick, you should ensure that your lips are properly prepped.  A good foundation, makes for a perfect application.  Smooth your lips using a gentle lip exfoliator a couple times a week to bring out the softness of your natural lips.
  8. Chapped lips: Never, and I repeat, never, apply lipstick over chapped lips.  You will be left with little flakes of lipstick and can also worsen your dry lips condition.  Try a clear lip balm prior to applying your lipstick to create a smooth base so that your lipstick will glide on easily and smoothly.
  9. You picked the wrong color for your lip shape.  Lips come in all sizes and shapes.  It is essential to find a color that matching accordingly.  Darker shades will create the illusion of thinner lips.  If your lips are already naturally thin, you should probably stick to lighter shades.  The opposite is true of light shades which create the illusion of fuller lips.  If your lips are thinner you should opt to use a lighter shade.  Dark shades are best suited for fuller lips.
  10. You do not set your lips:  To extend the life of your beautiful masterpiece you just spent your time in creating, you should set your lips.  One common method is to blot with a tissue in order to press the pigment into you lips.  An alternative, is to use a finishing lip powder to give your lips a final and protective coat.
  11. You are overdoing it with the gloss: Lipgloss can give your lips a beautiful sheen, if you are going for a glossier look.  Unfortunately, lipgloss does not stay put very long and will rub off your lipstick color in the process.
  12. Not starting at the correct place:  There is a right way to apply lipstick believe it or not.  Always begin at the center of your lips and move the lipstick outwards. The purpose of starting here is to prevent yourself from going outside you lip line and it creates an even application
  13. Getting lipstick on your teeth:  You just spent all your time applying the perfect shade of lipstick and you are ready to go out.  Then you look in the mirror and see lipstick on your teeth!  We have all been there.  This simple trick and prevent this from happening ever again.  Just place a clean finger in your mouth with your lips in the shape of an “o” , slowing remove your finger, and all the excess lipstick that may have gotten on your teeth is taken care of.
  14. Excessive glitter:  Glitter.  There is such thing as too much glitter.  Adding a tiny hint of it is ok, but definitely do not overdo it.  You will look like you literally ate glitter for breakfast.
  15. Being afraid to try new things:  We all have our favorite lipstick.  However, sometimes, it is ok to try new things. Do not be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new shades.  With such a wide variety of lipsticks to choose from, you might be surprised about the beautiful colors you have been missing all your life!

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